Milano, May 2001, Vittorio Emanuele Gallery, 7.50 pm. The sundown is setting the sky on fire and turning the gallery glass crimson. The crowd is changing rhythm, from a frenetic movement to a harmonious and relaxed pace. The noise changes intensity, it becomes slightly higher and melodic. The day and its pressing matters come to an end so it is time to leave everything behind, to enjoy life and to dedicate the remaining hours to oneself.

Gianni Martini, renowned second generation wine entrepreneur, looking stunning in his black suit, is enjoying a glass of good wine together with his foreign friends who love Italy. They come visit every year. Gianni loves this gallery, it suits him very well – is elegant, refined while lively and never trivial with its unique style, the Italian style in its most pure expression.

His lips curve up into a smile, he is delighted with everything: his friends, the wine, the atmosphere, the background music and the happy murmur of the crowd. Suddenly, he starts moving his gaze back and forth, from the people around him to the bottle on the table. A thought starts to take shape – is one of those sudden enlightening moments, that comes naturally and proves to be so obvious that it surprises you for not thinking about it sooner.

Was it possible to harness that atmosphere anywhere else in the world, making it accessible to millions of people? Yes, it was. How? Through the wine, not any wine though, a special brand of wine, able to turn into the ambassador of the style, the values and the attitude towards life so typical to Italians.

Gianni brightens up even more and raises his glass – in that particular moment of sunset in Milan, Canti had come to life.

A year of hard work has followed. The Canti team, composed of the wine makers of the Fratelli Martini Secondo Luigi spa – the family company of Gianni Martini operating on the market since 1947 – designers, marketers, importers and ordinary people, has shaped the brand and its product lines.

Every single detail has been studied thoroughly, including the name: the brand name has to be simple, immediate and deeply Italian from any foreign culture perspective, while also able to convey the lively mood and passion typical to Italy. The name standing head and shoulders over the others was Canti that means songs or you sing, recalling the world of music, conviviality, merriness, Italian spirit. This naming excels in representing the symphony of flavours and emotions brought to life by each Canti bottle.

Canti entered the British market in 2002 with a launch campaign placed in the very same location that has witnessed its birth. From here Canti started its adventure around the world, managing to get a stronghold in over 50 countries.

The wine range becomes every day wider, bringing together the excellence of the Italian wine tradition and the international demand, aiming at offering a perfect selection for every occasion: intriguing whites and rosè for freshness and lightness, full bodied reds and persuasive sparkling choices.

In 2011 Eleonora, Gianni’s young daughter joined the Company bringing her fresh and stylish touch to the leading CANTI brand.

Faithful to its originary vision, Canti, on top of being a wine brand is the key to enter a polisensorial world of fragrances, colors, sensations and mainly emotions. In each bottle, embraced by the unmistakable design, the hallmarks of Italy tingle: passion, love, joy of being together, style, tradition and creative inspiration.

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    Canti Estate Barolo DOCG 2014

    งดจำหน่ายให้ผู้ที่อายุต่ำกว่า 20 ปี

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