LE CORDON BLEU : Wine Studies Course

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 Le Cordon Bleu Dusit is a worldwide leader in gastronomy. As such, it could not ignore Wine, which is an integral component of the modern meal.

This course has been designed for both wine enthusiasts and culinary professionals looking to improve their wine culture and acquire the keys to appreciate wine with food. Throughout weekly meetings, participants will discover many wine regions of the new and old world and taste over sixty different wines. This practice will sharpen their senses of taste and smell and help them develop an advanced discourse on wine.

Useful Note

Intake: January | April | July | October 
Total Hours: 45 Hours
Duration: 13 consecutive weeks
Hour per day: 3-6 Hrs., 09:00 - 12:00 Hrs. and 09:00 - 16:00 Hrs.
Class Date: Saturday 27 April - 29 June 2019 | Full Schedule
Language Conducted: English with Thai translation 
No. of Participants: 20 pax
Course Fee: THB 50,000


Introduction to wines
This session is an introductory lecture on vine, grape and the wine making process, followed by an initiation to sensory analysis with two tests on flavors and aromas and a first wine tasting of different styles of wines and grape varieties.
• 6 hours: Lecture/ Lab/ Tasting

Meet the Winemaker
This session includes a field trip to a Thai vineyard to gain a deeper understanding of vine growing, wine making. The visit includes a tasting and a meal in the vineyard.
• 6 hours: Field Trip/ Tasting

Mediterranean Wines
This session covers the historical background of vine and wine in the “old world”. A tasting of wines from the Mediterranean (Lebanon, Greece, Sicily, South of France and Spain) introduces the notion of “terroir”.
• 3 hours: Lecture/ Lab/ Tasting

The Loire and the Rhône
This session will illustrate the importance of these two rivers in the propagation of the vine and wine culture in France in the middle ages. The tasting will illustrate how geography and climate affect wine styles.
• 3 hours: Lecture/ Lab/ Tasting

New World Wines
This session covers the expansion of the wine culture to the “new world”. A tasting of wines from the Americas, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand illustrates a major differences between old world wines and new world wines.
• 3 hours: Lecture/ Lab/ Tasting

Alsace and Germany
This session explores the Rhine valley’s wide variety of white grapes of different styles, and an introduction to late harvested and botrytized wines. The tasting illustrates the difference between two countries wine styles.
• 3 hours: Lecture/ Lab/ Tasting

This session is a deep exploration of “terroir” and how a few grape varieties express different characteristics depending on a multitude of factors such as soil, slope orientation, weather and wine making techniques.
• 3 hours: Lecture/ Lab/ Tasting

This session explores a renowned French Region and explains in some details the local “appellations” (denomination system). The tasting illustrates the difference between generic Bordeaux and Cru Classés.
• 3 hours: Lecture/ Lab/ Tasting

Review and Preparation to the Examination
This session is a review of the food and wine matching concepts introduced during the course and is followed by a blind tasting where each student will receive individual feedback on their analysis.
• 6 hours: Lecture/ Lab/ Tasting

Final Examination
This Wine Studies Course concludes with a final examination composed of:
- a multiple-choice quiz on wine knowledge
- a blind tasting of three wines
- an oral examination on food and wine matching 
• 6 hours: Written, practical and oral examination


This course is for beginners and wine connoisseur. Applicants must be 20 years old or above.




Apr 27, 2019 - Jun 29, 2019 (Saturday , in English , Thai) | ฿50,000.00