Michel Lynch Bordeaux Rose

ประเทศ (Country) France
ขนาดบรรจุ (bottle size) 750 ml
ประเภทไวน์ (Wine Type) Rose Wine
แคว้น (Wine Region) Bordeaux
พันธุ์องุ่น (Grape Variety) Merlot
ปี (vintage) Current vintage
บอดี้ (Body)
Light Light Light
แอซิดิตี้ (Acidity)
Medium Medium Medium
แทนนิน (Tannin)
Low Low Low
Current vintage
A bold raspberry pink, limpid and bright colour; a delicate nose of red fruit and pomegranate; a hint of menthol when swirled around the glass. It is both soft and fresh in the mouth, offering fruit drop and tangy aromas, with a long fruity finish.

พันธุ์องุ่นผสม (Grape Blended)

Merlot 100%

รสสัมผัส (Palate)

Sweet And Fruity

สี (Colour)

Bold Raspberry Pink, Limpid And Bright

กลิ่น (Aroma)

Fruit Drop And Tangy

รสสัมผัส (Palate)

Sweet And Fruity
จับคู่อาหาร (Wine Pairing)

     Michel Lynch also comes in Rosé wine with a shiny raspberry colour. It is a selection of wines made in the finest Bordeaux tradition. Michel Lynch Rosé is bled - this relates to the running off, or bleeding of a certain amount of first-run juice from red grapes. This technique allows us to make a delicate rosé wine from intensely flavoured grapes. The resulting Michel Lynch rosé is fruity and flavourful, with a light and elegant structure.
Perfect wine for the summer it is also enjoyable throughout the year thanks to its vibrant aromatic qualities and deepness, typical of the best Bordeaux Rosés! 

     Best served between 8°C and 10°C. Perfect as an original aperitif, you can also enjoy Michel Lynch Rosé with your salads, grilled meats or vegetarian dishes.

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