Vacu Vin Vacuum Wine Stopper (Set of 3)

ประเทศ (Country) Poland
Brand Vacu Vin
Wine accessory Stopper
Size 12 x 8 x 4 cm
Color Mixed Color
The Wine Stoppers preserve an opened bottle of wine under vacuum for up to 10 days. Use in combination with our Wine Saver.


The Wine Stoppers have been a household staple since ’86. With the Wine Stoppers you can prevent your wine from oxidising, keeping it fresh and tasty for up to ten days.

Insert the universal Vacuum Wine Stopper in your favourite bottle of wine. Use the Original Wine Saver to pump until your hear the patented “Click”. This signals that you have reached the optimum vacuum level, and have created an airtight seal. Your bottle is ready to be stored upright in the fridge, the countertop or a cabinet.

The highly durable Wine Saver and Stoppers are made for prolonged use and encourages you to enjoy wine more consciously.

  • Preserve wine up until ten days
  • Compatible with all Vacu Vin Wine Savers
  • The Wine Stoppers are dishwasher friendly
  • The Wine Saver is suitable for all non-sparkling wines
  • The design is highly durable and will tolerate regular prolonged usage
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