Grosset Polish Hill Riesling

ประเทศ (Country) Australia
ขนาดบรรจุ (bottle size) 750 ml
ประเภทไวน์ (Wine Type) White Wine
แคว้น (Wine Region) Clare Valley
พันธุ์องุ่น (Grape Variety) Riesling
ปี (vintage) 2022 [**VINTAGE MAY CHANGE]
แอลกอฮอล์ (Alcohol) 12.70%
บอดี้ (Body)
Light Light Light
แอซิดิตี้ (Acidity)
High High High
แทนนิน (Tannin)
Low Low Low
Jeff Grosset's Rieslings are amongst the most sought after in Australia. The Polish Hill is superb with intense lingering citrus flavours lively natural acidity and a crisp dry finish. The remarkable think about Jeff's Rieslings are their phenomenal ability to age so very gracefully and will reward the very patient.

พันธุ์องุ่นผสม (Grape Blended)

Riesling 100%

รสสัมผัส (Palate)

ively natural acidity and a crisp dry finish.

สี (Colour)

Pale gold.

กลิ่น (Aroma)

Lime blossom, pineapple and wet slate. Youthful and multi-dimensional.

รสสัมผัส (Palate)

ively natural acidity and a crisp dry finish.
จับคู่อาหาร (Wine Pairing)
:Spicy Food

The eight hectare Polish Hill vineyard is at 460 metres altitude and is just five kilometres from Springvale. Its infertile, shaley soil is slightly acidic and its topsoil has a clay and shale crust. As the vines have to work harder than those at Springvale, it produces smaller, distinctly flavoured and concentrated berries.

It’s the explosive flavours of the Grosset Polish Hill that distinguish this vintage with power and tremendous intensity of flavour. The bouquet has lavender, a touch of lime and some minerally notes while the palate has surprising generosity, lime juice characters and some characteristic chalkiness. It is tight, uber-fine with steely structure, before a dry finish featuring pure natural acidity and hints of schisty mineralogy.

While there’s no doubting its longevity, there will be many who will love this Polish Hill in its youth.

Ageing Potential: 6-15 years, up to 20 years
Source: Grosset Polish Hill Vineyard (ACO certified)
Fruit Flavours: Intense cirtus and cool slate characters
Profile: Bone dry (zero fermentable sugar), intense and powerful with persistent length
Fining: Nil- suitable for vegans and vegetarians

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