Nicolis Ambrosan Amarone della Valpolicella Classico DOC

ประเทศ (Country) Italy
ขนาดบรรจุ (bottle size) 750 ml
ประเภทไวน์ (Wine Type) Red Wine
แคว้น (Wine Region) Veneto
พันธุ์องุ่น (Grape Variety) Blended
ปี (vintage) 2009 [**VINTAGE MAY CHANGE]
แอลกอฮอล์ (Alcohol) 16%
บอดี้ (Body)
Full Full Full
แอซิดิตี้ (Acidity)
Medium Medium Medium
แทนนิน (Tannin)
High High High
Princely wine, full bodied, elegant and vigorous. The colour is an intense garnet red. The favour is dry and generous, powerful and delicate. Its fragrances remind to ripe fruits, autumn leaves and leather. Wine with a “three-dimensional” tasting progression, where the management of the alcohol content in harmony with the important structure and aromatic richness agree in a elegant power.

พันธุ์องุ่นผสม (Grape Blended)

Corvina 70% - Rondinella 20% - Croatina 10%

รสสัมผัส (Palate)

Dry and generous, powerful and yet delicate.

สี (Colour)

An intense garnet red.

กลิ่น (Aroma)

Complex fragrances suggest blossoms and well-ripened fruit, with insistent nuances of autumn leaves and leather.

รสสัมผัส (Palate)

Dry and generous, powerful and yet delicate.
จับคู่อาหาร (Wine Pairing)
:Hard Cheese

Wine making :

After the grapes are selected and harvested in the vineyard “Ambrosan”, they are placed in small cases in large, dry, well aired rooms. In this way, the grapes dry naturally and gain an extraordinary high concentration of sugars, glycerine, and aromas. After 4 months, the grapes are softly pressed. Due to the low temperature, fermentation is long and the maceration takes also more than one month. The wine makes an ageing partially in medium-sized Slavonia oak barrels and partially in small oak barriques. Bottle ageing for at least 8 months before release.

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